Kevin Yoder Votes For Reckless Ryan Budget Again

Kevin Yoder voted again today for a budget plan that perfectly demonstrates his wrong priorities that are out of touch with Kansas Values: wasting our tax dollars on handouts to the ultra-wealthy while raising taxes on middle class families, ending the Medicare guarantee for seniors, and hurting small businesses.

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Kansans want Washington to focus on helping businesses create jobs, but this latest budget is a slap in the face that would reward those who ship jobs overseas, jeopardize Medicare for seniors, and hurt middle class families while wasting our tax dollars on handouts to the special interests and the ultra-wealthy.This is an easy choice for anyone who cares about Kansas seniors -- I oppose this plan and any plan that hurts current or future retirees, and I am disappointed that Kevin Yoder has chosen to support the super wealthy ahead of working families.

Thank you,
Kelly Kultala

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