EMILY's List Endorsed

I have told you before about my three daughters and my two granddaughters. All of my girls are smart, strong, women whose independence and vitality make them a joy to be around. I am in this race because of them- both because I have their support in this venture, and because their future is the most important thing to me.

I began this race in January of this year believing but not knowing that we would win. I have worked diligently in the months since then to put myself in position to provide a credible challenge to Congressman Yoder’s failed leadership, knowing that we would need resources to get our message to voters. I told you at the end of the last quarter that we were close to bringing national attention to this race, and that with your help we would. Today we have.

I am very excited to announce that I have received the EMILY's List endorsement! 

Their support is far from a guarantee of victory, but it is a spotlight that will ensure that with your continued support more resources will come to Kansas to help put an end to the Brownback-Yoder agenda which has done so much harm to all of our families’ futures. I will be working even harder from now until the polls close on November 4th to ensure that we make the most of this opportunity. I ask that you support me by donating today to ensure that EMILY’s List’s investment pays off, and that the future is secure for all of our daughters and families.

Thank you once again,

PS: I hope you got a chance to see that yesterday I also earned the endorsement of the bipartisan Women's Campaign Fund.

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